The Whitehouse Productions

At The White House Productions as their Graphic Designer, my role is to maintain & grow their Facebook, Instagram & Blog through engaging content, viral contests and really connecting users to what Whitehouse Productions is about. Also to develop HTML emails and online campaigns. Utilising social media tools, as well e.g. DPD, Wufoo and to be learning Mandrill in the course of this role to generate sales and get new clients! I also have to undertake graphic design responsibility for some business collateral.

Click here to see an example of a newsletter I have done recently for Mother’s Day or Click here to see one of Suzi’s General Newsletters to connect with her fans!



Also I have started to generate print based work too which I really enjoy! Click to see my In-Store Voucher, Word Designed Business Document Template, Wedding Card or Wedding Booklet. I have recently also started designing and am completing an online store where Suzi’s products she uses are to be sold!