Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Social Media

My role at Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics (March 2011-May 2013) was to maintain and interact on Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Facebook Page (5000+ fans), Instagram and other social media channels to encourage consumer buying and build connections with new and existing fans through scheduling engaging posts (Sendible), fan contests, offers and Facebook Ads. Also to develop social strategies to meet particular goals e.g. increase fan base, increase sales utlising social tools e.g. I created a Polyvore Photo Contest where fans generated content, I ran targeted Facebook ads for the contest at the same time to entice new fans to enter the contest with fan gating (fans have to like the page or they are “gated” (prevented) from entering and seeing the contest). This grew 1000+ fans and some of our new fans have become customers and Ere Perez Content creators (share positive sentiment, share fun photos/content to the page).

I also had to promote and interact on via other social media forms too e.g. blogs, forums (e.g. Vogue) and other promotional sites to assist PR.

Also I am was in charge of utilizing Google Adwords and Yahoo channels to drive up traffic to the Ere Perez Webpage by creating campaigns which encouraged consumer buying amongst consumers out there looking for or being interested in natural, environmentally friendly cosmetics.

I have grown the Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Facebook Page from 380 to 5300+. Sales have increased apparently too due to the increase word of mouth on Facebook & positive sentiment on Facebook, the obtaining of email addresses so email newsletters can help pursuade purchasing and educating the fans and telling Ere’s Business story via engaging posts on Facebook!

I wanted to educate, empower and entertain fans! Not to mention I loved the introduction of Facebook Deals which boosted existing sales, like September, 2012 alone generating $1000 sales with no advertising! Advertising via sponsored stories and having a Christmas deal last year at the same time caused sales to do very well during the festive season! I’ve utlised Google Ads & Facebook this Valentines Season, we’ve had quite a few Google Sales & Facebook Deal sales so far!



I’ve also did monthly newsletters to help drive online sales! I found the Email Subject taglines for newsletters essentially important as it determines whether they open the newsletters, I try to create catchy lines e.g. ” Grab a Beauty Steal with Our Deal, 10% off our entire online store this Easter Weekend ONLY! or if its a limited offer, like for Mother’s Day ” VIP Shopping Night on NOW!”