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By Anu Design Fashion Design

Part of my role at By Anu was to update, manage and bring about change on the By Anu Website which was quite static for sometime so that it is more current and in sync with what is happening at ByAnu.
I had to change & create slideshows, update stock and edit details on the web e.g. changing FB link, edit contact details via the FTP Server (Filezilla). I Also had to help kate with graphic design and lots of photoshop etching/background editing time to time!


Calender Girls PR example

MV Skin Care Graphic Design

Working as a graphic designer at MV was a learning experience. Besides helping with gift bags and assistance, here are examples of graphic design I did:


MV Skincare launched their new skincare packaging late last year, I worked with Egg Design on MV Skincare’s packaging & my role was to develop 2 QR code’s which link to MV Skincare’s 2 youtube tutorial video’s so consumers could see what the products looked like in-store and how to use MV Products using their mobile phones!

Views of the youtube video’s have increased and positive feedback has been that it enhances the shopping experience a little in a fun, interactive way!


Apollo Blinds Web Assistant

At Apollo Blinds as their Web Assistant, I am incharge of maintaining the websites SEO plugins on the site for all pages, improving web information (e.g. exploring blind styles so people know difference between a roman and roller blind), photographs & videos as well as creating, coding (html house style) and writing up regular blog posts and pages on informative topics that are of relevance to their customer base and sharing it across social media channels!

I also have to clean, research, sort and really manipulate web contacts and leads data in excel on a regular basis so details can be added to various databases whethers its CRM or email marketing!


Carolina Graphic Design

I’ve recently started working for Carolina & OMG Style where its my role to create web banners, add pluginins/maintain online store, look books and design collateral. Here is designs so far I have done so far:

Print Work:

Look Book (Click to see)

Business Document (Click to see)

Flyer (Click to see)

Invitation (Click to see)